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本文我们讨论 Odoo的费用管理模块。
In this article we discuss Odoo's expense management module.
Expense management is essential for any company to see exactly how much money is being spent on different tasks in the company. Odoo simplifies operations with an expense module that helps companies manage all expenses efficiently and reduce losses. The expense module in the Odoo already includes all expense management activities.

How to set expense types?

We were able to set different fee types in the configuration menu. Set a cost on the product when reimbursed at a fixed price. When reimbursed as actual cost, save the cost as 0.0. Don't forget to set the expense tax for each expense type, it is generally good practice to configure the tax with the tax-inclusive price.

How to record expenses ?

手动记录 Manually

作为员工(用户访问权限为员工),你可从 :menuselection:`我的费用 –> 需提交的费用`记录费用。选择相关产品,输入相应的信息,设置参考编号和说明。
As an employee (Employee in user access rights), you can record expenses from My Expenses ‣ Expenses to Submit. Select the relevant product, enter the appropriate information, set the reference number and description.

从邮件一键创建 In one click from email

员工通过电子邮件即可记录费用。添加收据截图并通过邮件发送,或简单转发账单即可!只需在 :menuselection:`费用 –> 配置 –> 设置`设置邮件别名(例如,费用 @mycompany.odoo.com)。为了安全起见,只接受经过认证的员工邮件。
Let your employees record their expenses from a simple email. Make a snapshot of the receipt and send it by email, or simply forward a bill!
The only thing to do is setting up an email alias in Expenses ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings (e.g. expenses @mycompany.odoo.com). For security purposes, only authenticated employee emails are accepted.

How to post expenses in accounting?

在经理批准报销报告后,会计部门前往 :menuselection:`费用 –> 会计 –> 需过账的报销报告`并检查会计、产品和税收。管理可点击 日记账分录过账 ,把相关的日记账分录过账到你的帐簿上。要进行此项操作,用户必须拥有以下访问权限:

  • 会计:会计或顾问

  • 报销费用:经理

Once expense reports approved by managers, the accounting department goes to Expenses ‣ Accountant ‣ Expense Reports To Post to check accounts, products and taxes. The management can click Post Journal Entries to post related journal entries into your books. To do so, the user must have following access rights:

  • Accounting: Accountant or Adviser

  • Expenses: Manager

How to re-invoice expenses to your customers?

我们能够在报销中启用客户开单设置,并在产品配置菜单里对所有报销类型设置开单方法。然后创建订单并添加对应的销售订单,提交确认后会计处理日记账分录过账。最后我们能够在 销售 ‣ 开具发票 ‣ 销售中开具发票。
We can enable customer billing in the Expenses settings and set the invoicing method for all your Expense types in the product configuration menu. Then create an order and link the expense to the Sales Order, submit it for confirmation, and post the accounting processing journal entry. Finally we were able to invoice in Sales ‣ Invoice ‣ Sales.

Expense Analysis

Odoo is able to create reports and perform analysis on different modules. Almost all modules of Odoo have reporting features that help employees create useful records and outlines of business activities. In the Expenses module, we can analyze daily, weekly and monthly expenses using the "Reporting" option.

The are several basic operations of the odoo Expenses. If you plan to implement the odoo project or are interested in Expense module, do not hesitate to contact Majorbird.


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